Zum Wohl - der Natur!

Zum Wohl - der Natur!

Granny's as the number one* in the sparkling apple juice and Arche Noah - the association for the preservation and spread of crop diversity - enter into a long-term strategic cooperation in time for "the day of the apple" on 10 November. This partnership has the common goal:

  • to contribute to the continuity of plant and fruit diversity and thus to sustainability
  • to bring diversity closer to the consumer as an important topic
  • to focus on the "essential" and
  • to learn from each other and to develop sustainable action

The first joint project is the donation cooperation launched with "the day of the apple" on 10 November. As part of this campaign, 5 Cent** of each Granny's bottle sold goes to Arche Noah for the protection of nature. Each Granny's buyer contributes to the donation of a maximum of € 100,000**, which goes to Arche Noah.

*Source: ACNielsen, market share sales, base: sparkling fruit juice, year to date 2017
**up to max. € 100,000 donation sum, from 10 November 2017 to 9 November 2018