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    Granny's and Arche Noah
    Granny's and Arche Noah

    Zum Wohl - der Natur!

    Arche Noah

    Granny's and the association Arche Noah are reaping the first fruits of the future partnership: just under a year after the start of the cooperation, a donation of 100,000 euros could be handed over to the committed protectors of diversity.

    The donation cooperation, which started with "the day of the apple" on 10 November 2017, goes on:  5 cent* of each Granny's bottle sold goes to Arche Noah for the protection of nature. Each Granny's buyer contributes to the donation, which goes to Arche Noah.

    *up to max. € 50,000 donation sum, from 10 November 2018 to 9 November 2019

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