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    Donation cooperation

    Granny's and Arche Noah

    Arche Noah
    Zum Wohl - der Natur!

    Bernd Kajtna
    Executive Director-Substitute & Obstsammlung Verein (association)
    Project lead "Zum Wohl - der Natur!"

    Diversity - to the best of nature!

    Arche Noah acts therefore.

    Founded in 1989, Arche Noah is the association for the conservation, development and spread of crop diversity and has over 17,000 members and supporters. Arche Noah's aim is to protect the valuable nature in the long term and preserve and cultivate thousands of endangered vegetables, fruits and cereals.

    But we can only achieve this if species and nature conservation are supported by us humans - a fruitful example of this is the cooperation with Granny's: "Zum Wohl - der Natur!" (meaning: to the best of nature)

    Margareta Seiser
    Head of Marketing & PR Egger Getränke
    Initiator and project lead "Zum Wohl - der Natur!"

    Concentration on the essential - welcome at Granny's!

    As Austria's number 1 in the case of sparkling apple juices and as a brand of a sustainable and Austrian family business, Granny's firmly believes that the best recipes for enjoyment lie in nature.

    "Zum Wohl - der Natur!" (meaning: to the best of nature), Granny's works. Granny's future partnership with Noah's Ark testifies to this.

    *Source: ACNielsen, market share sales, base: sparlking fruit juice, year to date 2017

    Befruchtende Kooperation mit 5 SäulenArche Noah

    Befruchtende Kooperation

    „Zum Wohl – der Natur!“ starteten Granny’s und der Verein Arche Noah eine befruchtende Kooperation im Herbst 2017. Langfristiges und gemeinsames Ziel von Granny‘s und der Arche Noah ist es, einen wichtigen Beitrag zum Fortbestand der Kulturpflanzenvielfalt zu leisten.

    Denn gemeinsames Anliegen und Antrieb ist es, Vielfalt wieder näher zu den Menschen zu bringen. Diese „Zukunftspartnerschaft“ ist langfristig angelegt und klar, einfach und nachhaltig. So wie Granny’s, hergestellt aus 100 % Äpfeln und Wasser aus Österreich und so wie die Arche Noah, ehrlich, authentisch, natürlich und echt.

    Donation cooperationArche Noah

    Donation cooperation

    Granny's and Arche Noah, the association for the conservation of cultivated plant varieties and their development, launched a long-term cooperation with the official launch of "the apple's day" on 10 November 2017.

    In less than a year already € 100,000 donations have been collected and we continue: per bottle sold 5 cents* go to the the association Arche Noah to protect the natural diversity.
    The goal is u.a. to accelerate the expansion of local orchards.

    *up to max. € 50,000 donation sum, from 10 November 2018 to 9 November 2019

    SustainabilityArche Noah

    Sustainability Plan 2020 - taking responsibility

    More scattered fruit - More organic

    The second pillar of the strategic initiative is a 25% increase in the share of scattered fruit by 2020.

    Scattered fruit is an extensive form of fruit growing. The large fruit trees are scattered in the countryside and reach a great age. The variety is impressive: in Austria alone, up to 800 apple varieties can be found in scattered fruit cultivation. Biodiversity is therefore an important factor.


    Joint communicationArche Noah

    Communication channels

    Honestly! Granny's alone will not save the world, but together with Arche Noah and many supporters we can make an important contribution.

    There are broad-based communication measures in order to inform as many people as possible about our initiative and to work towards our common goal "Zum Wohl - der Natur!" (meaning: to the best of nature).

    About Arche NoahArche Noah
    Variety instead of simplicity

    We live for diversity!

    Arche Noah was founded in 1989 on the initiative of gardeners, peasants and journalists who wanted to take the seed as a basis of the diet back into their own hands.

    Because since 1900, the diversity of our crops has been dramatically reduced by 75% through the industrialization of agriculture. Today genetic engineering, seed monopolies, climate change and wars endanger this precious heritage.

    Arche Noah preserves and cultivates thousands of endangered vegetable, fruit and cereal varieties. Successfully, we are working to bring traditional and rare varieties back to the gardens and market - thanks to the support of over 14,000 dedicated members and supporters.

    More information about Arche Noah under www.arche-noah.at

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