Granny's Mini - Granny's Apfelsaft g'spritzt -
Granny's Mini
Granny's Mini
  • 100% apples from Austria and still water
  • 100% produced on a carbon-neutral basis
  • No added sugars or flavorings

Honestly: simply delicious and deliciously simple. 100% apples from Austria and still water. Nothing else. No added sugars, no added flavorings. That’s how deliciously simple Granny’s Mini is – as if straight from the apple tree. 

Apple juice from apple juice concentrate mixed with still water.

Available in the handy 0.35l bottle to go.

nutrition table

100ml contain average
Energy92 kJ (22 kcal)
Fat< 0.1 g
hereof saturates< 0.1 g
Carbonhydrates5.1 g
hereof sugar5.0 g
Protein< 0.1 g
Salt< 0.01 g